Naeka Fujiwara

Fujiwara Naeka a 2nd year student from Shuuhou Seiha Private High School will be turning 18 in half a years time. However little does she know that she amp her brother Fujiwara Kousuke are the remaining heirs to inherit their grandfathers fortune. In order for that to happen Naeka has be to be 18 years old. Therefore Fubuki a young and beautiful maid and Kogarashi a burly maid guy with a mask have been assigned by their gramps to take care of Naeka and Kousuke everydays household chores and protect them from any possible assassinations by people who are eyeing on the fortune before Naeka turns 18. What makes people love and hate about Fujiwara Naeka is her breast size. Her female friends are all jealous about her oversized chest on the other hand guys are much attracted to amp curious about it. All these are giving Naeka a headache because worst of all her maid guy Kogarashi is a big time ecchi who always does perverted actions on Naeka when he doesnt know its sexual harrassment. Fujiwara Naeka also takes part in her schools Kendo club and she plays the role of a vicecaptain Fukusho.