Amelia is a ditzy girl with really big boobs. According to Kaori Yuki she quotloves beauty and is stupid and optimistic. But she doesn039t act as if she expects the whole world to revolve around her. She039s definitely not a bad girlquot. Ludwig Kakumei Vol. 1 Chap. 4 She becomes the third girl that Ludwig seeks to be his wife. She is not royalty but Ludwig does not seem to care. It turns out that she is already being courted by another man making her offlimits. That man is Blue Beard. But Amelia does not want to marry him because quothe039s uglyquot and the fact that all of his previous wives disappeared. Her dream is to marry a handsome prince and become a queen. She actually was pretty close to becoming Lui039s bride until her fake boob fell out. After finding out that Amelia039s rack was fake Lui tosses her aside and continues with his journey.