Shinsen Tennouzu

Kaguras mother and president of Tennouzu Group. Before that though Shinsen had been an aspiring model who had been scouted by a woman named Goutokuji. Her body had been remodeled by a doctor named Kazuki Odawara whom she soon fell in love with. Despite her rise to fame she chose to leave it behind and marry Kazuki. Shinsen had signed their marriage licenses and waited for several days for him to show up at a hot spring but he never came. She then returned to Tokyo left bitter by his betrayal and sees Kagura as the ultimate symbol of it. Though she seems in love with Suitengu Shinsen realizes he was just a replacement for Kazuki in her loneliness. While incredibly cruel to Kagura and many others Shinsen is incredibly kind to Goutokuji whose injuries she believes are her fault. From wikipedia