Age: 17 Height: 174 cm Roche is a respectable journalist who loves money and women. He has never taken photos for others without taking payment for the photos, but in episode 9, he sent the photos he took of Angelique(which he took secretly when he was on the "secret date" or so he calls it, with Angelique.)which he had originally intended to sell to Bernard for money to the Silent Sun. This was done out of kindness when he realized that Angelique, like himself, was an orphan and he didn't feel like "selling" her "information" to others even if it is not for a bad purpose. He, however, did not regret making that decision and was a bit confused and surprised at himself as that was the first time he had taken photos for others without charging them. The "secret date" he went on with Angelique was not a real date. He happened to see Angelique on the streets after Angelique ran from Sally and Hanna as she was upset that her best friends refused to accept the truth that the Jinx was destroying many people's homes and even taking away some lives in the process of destroying Tanatos. He called it a "secret date" but in truth, he wanted to cheer up Angelique when he saw just how upset Angelique was.