Race: Human Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Affiliation: Issoudan Popo is the public voice for Issoudan an antimemory chip organization. Hes the first to encounter Kaibahttps://anilist.co/character/11206/Kaiba upon awakening. Popo explains the nature of the world to Kaiba and that his life is in danger. Giving him the temporary name Warp Popo smuggles him onto the ship Neuron to escape from Cloak a man after Kaibas special body. Popo has medium brown eyes and brown hair styled in a long front pompadourfrond. He wears a red bodysuit with yellow elbowlength gloves and kneehigh boots. His eyebrows are almost always furrowed and hes usually frowning. As a child he had drooping blue hair and eyes with black around them his skin much paler than it is now. He wore a white bodysuit with black sides and legs and loose yellow gloves. Popo is a powerful public speaker. His confidence and determination in Issoudan and his goal to fulfill his childhood promise allows him to continually increase his standing in the organization. Hes a very confident man whos often forceful with his words. He often manipulates others and is sure of his own beliefs and opinions. Popo is fiercely loyal to his childhood friends Chekihttps://anilist.co/character/30981/Cheki and Neirohttps://anilist.co/character/11208/Neiro but is often seen more devoted to Issoudan demonstrated by harming others for their cause even his own companions. Source: Kaiba Wiki edited