Aoko Aozaki

蒼崎青子, Miss Blue, Magic Gunner, Sensei
Birthday:Jul 7
Blood Type:A
Birthday: July 7 Height: 163 cm Mahoutsukai no Yoru Weight: 51 kg Mahoutsukai no Yoru Three sizes: B88/W56/H84 She is described to be an extremely strong person in terms of personality regretting nothing in her life because she follows through on every decision she makes. Because she does not care at all about what other people think of her she is able to stay true to herself in any situation believing that the worst thing a person can do is to lie to oneself. Even while accepting her life as a magus she stubbornly sticks to the life of an honest person. Although people know her as Magic Gunner or Miss Blue and fear her power her actual magic is a mystery. She also has a sister Touko Aozaki that appears in the parallel story of Tsukihime Kara no Kyoukai. Despite the fact that she and Touko are sisters Aoko shows great hostility towards her to the point that she dislikes Toukos form of Thaumaturgy. During Tsukihime : A wandering Magus Shiki Tohno met in his childhood years. At the time Shiki was still under hospital care and recovering from the accident that caused him to see lines that no one else could which gave him his Mystic Eyes of Depth Perception that he didnt know how to use properly. It was she who gave him a special pair of glasses the Mystic Eye Killers that block the lines from his vision. However the biggest gift she gave him was the meaning and will to live his life. Since she doesnt like her name as it sounds like Blue Blue Ao = Blue Aoko Aozaki Shiki decides to call her Sensei Teacher. Shiki has never referred to anyone else in his life as such thats how much he respects her. During Mahoutsukai no Yoru : A 17yearold apprentice magus learning Magecraft from Alice Kuonji in Misaki Town. Aoko tries to live two completely different lifestyles as a normal high school student during the day and acting as a Magus during the night but Alice reprimands this as a halfhearted approach. Source: TypeMoon Wiki