Kira Yamato

Birthday:May 18
Blood Type:A
Rank: Ensign GS Admiral GSD White Coat ZAFT GSDSE/FP Age: 16 GS 18 GSD 20 GSMovie Birthday: May 18 Genetic type: Ultimate Coordinator Height: 165 cm GS 170 cm GSD 175 cm GSmovie Mobile Suit: GATX105 Strike Gundam ZGMFX10A Freedom Gundam ZGMFX20A Strike Freedom Gundam In Gundam SEED: Kira is a young boy living on the neutral colony Heliopolis during the Bloody Valentine War before it was attacked and eventually destroyed by ZAFT. While attempting to escape Kira ends up trailing after a mysterious blonde haired individual later known as Cagalli Yula Athha. In an effort of selfsacrifice Kira ends up pushing her into one of the last escape pods in the area. Later on he run into a hanger carrying two mobile suitsthe Strike and Aegisand by an odd turn of events aids Murrue Ramius who happens to be an Earth officer. At this time he meets up with a childhood friend Athrun Zala who is working for the ZAFT forces. Murrue tries to shoot Athrun but he escapes by stealing the Aegis while Kira amp Murrue hijack the Strike. Murrue fumbles around rather clumsy with the controls against a ZAFT solider named Miguel Aiman. Kira takes control once he spots a group of his friends in danger from the current battle and as he does he shows excelled response time. His fighting forces Miguel to retreat while he joins up with his friends. However none of them are allowed to leave because of what they have just witness. Shortly afterwards it is discovered that Kira is a Coordinator. Kira and his friends are more or less forced to join Murrue and her crew on their shipthe Archangelas civilians. From this point though Kira has a deep desire not to battle in the Strike he is obligated to time and time again until he takes it up as a duty he believes he can only do. He joins the Earth Forces to protect his pals who also enlisted to do their part in the war. He runs into his childhood friend Athrun several times and the two are forced to fight despite how much they care for each other. It should also be noted that Kira has a relationship with Flay Allster who comforts him in his times of great stress where he tends to suffer possible mental and emotional breakdown in an attempt get closer to the boy. His pillar of strength and understanding after Flay039s death is Lacus Clyne. They are shown depending on one another towards the end of the series and into the sequel Gundam Seed Destiny. In Gundam SEED Destiny: Two years have passed since the war of Jachin Due once a member of the Earth Alliance now officially goes on a path of nonviolence with his companion Lacus Clyne. They both lived in a seaside cabin at first with a daycare as well as Kira039s quotmother and fatherquot but was later forced to move out so they relocated to a mansion. However due to an unfortunate situation Phase 13 he later realized that something had to be done and later together with Lacus Murrue Andrew and other members of the Clyne Faction they relaunched in the Archangel and since then have been on a path towards stopping conflicts. He plays a key role in ending conflicts in his Freedom Gundam by intervening in conflicts between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT whom Athrun Zala views it as a disruption. As a firm promoter of peace he protects all people who he loves and cares about especially Lacus Clyne. He is fairly quiet when he was living with Lacus in their seaside cabin and mansion but once the Archangel relaunced and the Clyne Faction was back up and running he started to talk more and gives decisive orders. He has a hatred inside for Mia Campbell due to the fact that she is an imposter of Lacus Clyne. His actions are often for the better and he strives to end all conflicts in support for peace. An extremely large jump in combat experience is shown in Kira Yamato as he pilots his ZGMFX10A Freedom Gundam. As a supporter of peace he makes sure never to cut through the cockpit of a mobile suit and only disables his enemies by decimating their weapons systems and sometimes an arm leg or a booster pack. His speed is extremely fast as well enabling him to easily dodge attacks from multitudes of enemies and wiping out large squadrons of mobile suits. In addition he is capable of easily intercepting missiles thanks to his HiMAT system that is able to lock on to all of them. His power is beyond compare and can defeat even the newest of all mobile suits. Where others struggle he has no stress in handling and is capable of disabling three Gundams Chaos Gaia Abyss within seconds while emerging victorious without a single scratch.