Shoji Tokairin

東海林 将司
Birthday:Aug 13
A mountain rescue specialist and lieutenant he met Natsumi during a rescue mission on a tower. They would later encounter each other once again when Shouji is temporarily stationed at Bokuto Precinct as an instructor for rescue courses. It is then discovered that Shouji is the only character that has the physical strength and appetite to surpass Natsumis. Although Natsumi initially views him as a nuisance and a rival they eventually fall in love. Despite being frequently absent in places like the Himalayas he and Natsumi have a strong relationship. Later on Shoji named a monkey he befriended as Natsumi19. He enjoys eating bananas. Shoji is an expert in mountain climbing and rappelling and one time uses his time in Bokuto Station to practice these two techniques. He is also an expert in Kendo being able to cut a banana in half with a Shinai with extreme concentration selfproclaiming that he can only do it at a 50 success rate but admitted defeat against Kachou at his challenge against him despite Kachou was not in his best shape. Wikipedia