Fukuro is a member of the threeman squad who took over the duties of CP9 during the absence of Lucci039s cell. He039s a real blabbermouth always yakking about topsecret plans and things best left unsaid to which Jabura reacts with anger while Kumadori reacts by trying to commit Seppuku belly slitting but he uses Tekkai at the last minute Like the rest of CP9 Fukuro has access to the full extent of Rokushiki and he shows himself as a superhuman by possessing tremendous skill at the quotsuper cartwheelquot Tekkaidama as well as his own special killer punch based off Shigan Jugong. It039s been speculated that his Tekkai is particularly good as well since he took the attacks of the rest of CP9 with relative ease but this has yet to be explained if it ever will be. Fukurou claims he is a master of the soru technique and is the first CP9 member to have used any variations of the move. With his soru he can move so fast that he is unable to be seen. He says that in this way he is like an owl unseen and unheard by its prey until it is too late. Source: Arlong Park