Athrun Zala

アスラン・ザラ, Alex
Birthday:Oct 29
Blood Type:O
Genetic type: Coordinator Height: 170178cm Mobile Suit: GATX303 Aegis Gundam ZGMF1000/M ZAKU Warrior ZGMFX23S Saviour Gundam ZGMF2000 GOUF Ignited ZGMFX09A Justice Gundam ZGMFX19A Infinite Justice Gundam In Gundam SEED: A member of the elite Le Creuset team which attacks Heliopolis Athrun subsequently becomes the pilot of the captured Aegis Gundam. As a child Athrun attended a preparatory school on the moon where he became good friends with Kira Yamato. Now with his father leading the most warlike faction of the PLANT Supreme Council and his mother among the casualties of the quotBloody Valentinequot tragedy Athrun is determined to defeat the treacherous Earth Alliance and shocked to discover that Kira is fighting on the side of the enemy. Athrun has a talent for mechanical tinkering and has created numerous robot pets for his friends and acquaintances.