Atsushi Hayami

速水 厚志
Birthday:Oct 4
One of the main protagonists in the story and an HWT pilot. Hayami is probably one of the most shy and naive characters in Gunparade March. His personality renders him to be dubbed a quotgoofquot among his fellow colleagues and become somewhat an interest for several of the female characters. When he meets Mai he develops an interest for her and gradually becomes infatuated with her. However his timidness prevents him from admitting his true feelings and publicly he considers her as a quotgood partner on the jobquot. As an HWT pilot his attributes are quite balanced and this caused him to be teamed with Mai for piloting the twoseater quotTandemquot HWT. However Hayami tends to be nervous during battles and has the habit of messing up. He also seems to be well aware of the concept that the Genjyu feed upon Humans fear and hatred for them which causes them to attack. This is shown when he elaborates a fairy tale it is speculated that a fairy tale can bring ones childhood innocence back which eliminates most of ones hatred and fear aloud while carrying Mai to a safe area when they were stranded in a forest full of Genjyu and the Genjyu were rendered motionless. Later on the whole platoon tried to pair Mai and Hayami up by setting false tasks and trying to trap them into admitting each others true feelings. It initially appeared to be successful until Hayamis naive personality ended the operation in failure. During the New Years Eve of 2001 Hayami admitted love to Mai and still pilots the Tandem with her. Wikipedia