Benio Amakusa

The President of the Zuka Club. Benio is nicknamed Benibarasama at St. Lobelias and is the most popular of the Zuka Clubs ruling council. Benio is also known as The Lady of the Red Rose. A Benibarasama guardian club has been founded at St. Lobelias just to make sure she doesnt get mobbed when walking down the aisles. There is also a fanclub devoted to her. Benio doesnt exactly help matters she flirts with girls with the same ease as Tamaki . On one occasion Benio claimed that she was following in the footsteps of her mother who was supposedly also president of the Zuka Club in her day. This may have been nothing more than a lie meant to sucker Haruhi into helping the Zuka Club out with a play. Note: Zuka can mean yuri stated in books.