Cagalli Yula Athha

カガリ・ユラ・アスハ, Goddess of Victory
Birthday:May 18
Blood Type:A
Age: 16 GS 18 GSD Birthday: May 18 Genetic type: Her twin brother is a Coordinator and its believed shes a Natural SunriseRun bio website. Height: 162 cm GS 164 cm GSD Mobile Armour: FX550 Skygrasper Mobile Suit: MBF02 Strike Rouge ORB01 Akatsuki In Gundam SEED: This tomboy princess is the daughter of Lord Uzumi one of the leaders of the neutral Orb Union. Despite her aristocratic upbringing Cagalli is tough and headstrong and her impulsive nature often leads her to take bold risks. Learning that her nation is secretly aiding the Earth Alliance she travels to the resource satellite Heliopolis to see the evidence for herself and after escaping the satellites collapse she makes her way to Earth to join the Desert Dawn resistance group in northern Africa. By the time she returns to Orb aboard the warship Archangel Cagalli has formed strong bonds with both Strike Gundam pilot Kira Yamato and his estranged friend Athrun Zala. In Gundam SEED Destiny: The young Chief Representative of the Orb Union. Cagalli witnesses the outbreak of the new conflict when she travels to Armory One for a meeting with Chairman Durandal and upon her return to Orb the other members of the Orb government pressure her to forsake the ideals of their nation and join forces with the Earth Alliance.