Ikkaku Madarame

Birthday:Nov 9
Height: 182cm 60 Weight: 76kg 167 lbs Zodiac sign: Scorpio Handedness: Left handed Ikkaku Madarame is the 3rd Seat of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13. His captain is Kenpachi Zaraki. In terms of his attitude Ikkaku is a stereotypical 11th Division member violent fightloving and rude. This has been noted by Tetsuzaemon Iba among others. He loves fighting so much that he is unwilling to travel anywhere without a sword resorting to carrying a wooden one when posing as a student at Ichigo Kurosakis school. However Ikkaku does have a sense of loyalty and responsibility unlike many of the lowerranked 11th Division members and is fiercely loyal to his captain under whose command he wishes to die. Ikkaku shares many personality traits with his divisions captain Kenpachi Zaraki which explains why they seem to have so much respect for each another. Ikkaku considers fighting fun just as his captain does and tries to get as much fun as he can out of his opponents so much so that he would take deadly risks to drag out the fight for as long as possible. He also shares Kenpachis penchant for limiting his skills in order for fights to last longer with the only difference being the fact that he chooses to do so by restricting the use of his Bankai whereas Kenpachi prefers the use of his powersealing eye patch given to him by the 12th Division. Like Kenpachi Ikkaku is seen constantly smiling when engaging in a fight with a formidable opponent. And like all 11th Division members he considers the only honorable battles to be those that are fought oneonone. Even the threat of death is not a reason to ignore this fact as they believe that the winner is only to be determined when the other dies. He does consider surviving an otherwise lost battle good luck as his captain taught him and is also sensible enough to carry a bloodclotting ointment in the hilt of his Zanpakut. Unique to him though is a rather wacky quality made famous by his Lucky Dance.