Edrad Liones

Race: Arrancar Hair: Black left side Red right side Affiliation: Arrancars Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez039s Fraccioacuten Rank: 13 He appears to be a very large Arrancar with long red hair however half of his hair is shaved and black. The remains of his Hollow mask are merely the eye holes which rest on his nose and it essentially looks as if he wears unusual glasses. Edrad usually takes his jacket open revealing the Hollow hole in his chest. Edrad has a high amount of pride as an Arrancar as he is ashamed to draw his Zanpakut against an enemy and despises those who fight for fun like Ikkaku Madarame. Despite his brutish appearance he is a skilled tactician able to see through Ikkaku039s strategy and realizes he was fighting for sport.