Rima Mashiro

真城りま, Ri-Ri
Birthday:Feb 6
The girl serving as the new QChair. She is a transfer student and the same age as Amu. Rima is a short cute and beautiful girl with a selfish personality. She is wellliked among male students and disliked by female students such as Amu. She feigns crying to deceive people. At one point of the manga while looking for X Eggs with Amu she Character transforms and destroys one unnecessarily. She is bad at sports. Her Character Transformation with Kusu Kusu is called Clown Drop. When she does Character Change she becomes a gag character which she dislikes and is at first laughed at for and often uses a signature phrase BalaBalance Balancing Balance from the Magazine Gag Manga Dai. Her Guardian Character Kusu Kusu is a clown because she likes stand up comedians and tries to make her parents laugh at home because they were always arguing about who raised Rima although she is unsuccessful. After episode 32 she is seen being together with Amu for P.E. Later she opens up to Amu and becomes friends with her. She even teases Amu in episode 34 about her fear of ghosts. Though she dislikes Nadeshiko the former queen because she heard the Guardians talk about Nadeshiko being Amus best friend. She also later discovered in Chapter 34 that Nagihiko is actually Nadeshiko. But they team up and fights the xeggs. After when everyone graduates Rima and the other guardians throw a party and take a picture for best memories.