An intelligent young boy from Cardia who has been troubled with a bad dream of a woman killing soldiers since childhood. Much of his past is revealed during the series: he is in truth a Scythian but is adopted by Hieronymus when his own family is massacred in a Greek slave raid. After a relatively happy childhood in Cardia the events following Thraxs escape resulted in Hieronymus death and the revelation of Eumenes Scythian heritage making him a slave. He is sold and shipped off Cardia but soon after the slaves on the ship he is in mutinied before being sunk in a storm. Shipwrecked Eumenes found himself on the shores of Paphlagonia near the village of Boa where he spent the rest of his childhood teaching its villagers in the ways of the Greeks while becoming accepted as one of their own in the meantime. This quiet life was interrupted when a mercenary army from the nearby Greek city of Tios attacked the village. Source: Wikipedia