Yukari Sanjou

Birthday:Aug 7
Birthday: August 7 Horoscope: Leo Blood Typer: B Staff of Easter Company. Utaus manager was competing with Nikaidou to see who is the first to find the Embryo. Yukari dated Nikaidou in the past. She came up with a new project Black Diamond to at the same find the Embryo and massproduce X eggs. The CDs of the band were freely distributed and the people listening to it had their Eggs removed by force. As the band became more famous their song is slated to be released to the Internet together with the unveiling of the band. In Seiyo it is branded as a cursed CD. Kairi snuck the CD into Tadases bag. When Tadase listened to it he became infected causing Kiseki to almost change into an X egg but Amu came and saved him.