Manami Anzai

安西 愛海, Mana
Ayumus first friend at Nishidate High School she soon became an exfriend due to her boyfriend Sako Katsumi spreading his lies as well as being somewhat of a predator to Miki Hatori. She is obsessed with her boyfriend and became suicidal when they broke up even though the breakup turned out to be shortterm. Manami was once bullied when she was in Middle school because she caught Katsumi eye. Those he rejected became jealous and took out their frustration on her Manami comes from a line of stern authority figures who do what is right while achieving their goals through corrupt means. Shes picked up on the fact that as long as you project a good image for the populace and you have the right connections you can get away with terrible things. Her social status gives her both and she is aware of how special she is. If the way she plans things is any indication Manami isnt stupid. She is a very sexual girl and uses that to her advantage getting people to do her dirty work. She is extremely manipulative and spoiled as the daughter of a rich CEO she uses her powers and conceit to force others to do her will usually by blackmail or threats. Her manipulations allow her to use emotions as a weapon she appears by turns of an innocent good girl. People tend to take her side even through her lies in large parts because of how she conducts herself in confrontational situations. She turns all of Nishidate High except Miki and Sonoda against Ayumu for a rather extreme reason. Manami speaks in the third person calling herself by her nickname Mana e.g. Mana doesnt like that....