Anna was a 18 years old girl who didnt want to go outside her house because she was scared of the world. Spending her days closed in a house taking care of her daughter made Annas mother crazy and she murdered Anna. Then she cutted off Annas arm and threw it away. No longer after that Annas grandfather found the body and cutted out her head hidding it somewhere. When Anna arrives at the Gate and meets the Gatekeeper she realizes that she spent her entire life doing nothing just because she was scared of something that she didnt even know if was going to happen and gets sad saying that the problem was that she was never loved. The gate keeper Izuko tells Anna that she was a selfish girl and that she never tried to consider the amount of suffering that she caused to her mother and her grandfather but that there exists someone who loves her and shows Azuma Annas father writing a book about Annas life even if it was shorty. Anna then decides to take the gate keeper place and to become Izuko so she can help the sad souls that arrive at the gate to choose a way to go.