Shes a true fan of DDL a boy band that is currently at the top of the charts and will do anything to get a glimpse of her favorite member Jin Ryu. KumJi is very sweet and kind but also has a big rebellious streak running through her. She thinks nothing of treating ESoh like a pest even though he could have her kicked out of the fan club at any time. KumJi also has a bit of a tomboy in her at parts and is very active. She has good endurance and can sit outside waiting for a glimpse of DDL for hours at a time When ESoh confessed his love for her KumJi thinks it is a trick and kicks him in the side. KumJi swears that she only loves Jin Ryu but she finds herself thinking more and more of EWan with each passing encounter. Though she scolds herself for not falling for nice guy ESoh. KumJi is also the niece of YoIs coordinator YooJung which gives her even more perks as a YoI fan club memberSuch as visiting Wu Hees family with the band in volume 4 and even more access to the stars even when she leaves the YoI Fan Club in volume 3. She soon falls for Ewan.. Source: Wikipedia