EWan Quiet reserved and more than a bit cold EWan shares his innermost thoughts with no one. He is close with Jin Ryu for reasons that he will not discuss. There are rampant rumors that he is in a relationship with one of his band members EunSung. When his mother died EWan became even more introverted until KumJi hit him over the head with a bag of clothes. His mother died of a broken heart because of her husband leaving her for a younger woman even going so far as to have an illegitimate child with her. This leaves EWans views on love skewed beyond compare and he has bluntly put to KumJi that he doesnt understand the devotion between fans and their idols or even between two normal people. After a few run ins with KumJis famous temper EWan has begun to slowly come out of his shell. As he emerges he starts to develop feelings for her that he is as of yet unprepared to experience. Source: Wikipedia