This semispoiled rising pop star didnt know what to make of KumJi at first glance. He was the first to realize KumJis true intentions about joining the YoI fan club. ESoh first meets KumJi while taking an elevator up to the rehearsal room. He refused to let KumJi on so she proceeded to attempt to kick his butt and call him names. When KumJi is shocked that he is a member of YoI ESoh realizes that no true fan wouldnt know the members of their favorite boy band. Despite his initial reaction towards her ESoh found his feelings for KumJi and eventually confessed his love. His timing was less than perfect as he confessed to her immediately after insulting her. ESohs battle for KumJis heart has become even more rocky since he has a possible new rival in one of his band mates EWan. Despite ESohs bluster he can be a very nice person at times and can also be very protective of KumJi. When KumJi was beaten up by jealous fan girls he was surprisingly gentle but it is unknown what he will do when he discovers who is behind it all. Source: Wikipedia