Laures is the main character. His ears look like dragon wings. Besides his fangs and his long nails they039re the sign that he is a demon. He introduces himself as 039Makai Kocircshaku039 that means 039Prince of the Demon World039. But in reality he is the 039Makai Kocirctei039 039Emperor of the Demon World039 as it is revealed in the sixth volume. That makes him the most powerful demon of all. A long time ago Laures let himself be turned into a demon in order to free his lover039s soul from a demon039s curse because he felt guilty that Alice the woman he loved became the demon039s victim. In reality the demon wanted Laures but the young prince was unassailable so that the demon turned his attention to Laures039 sole weak spot: Alice the girl Laures loved. After freeing his lover039s soul he promised to wait for her until she will be reborn so that they can be united. Laures has been waiting until Alice039s soul was reborn in Hilda unfortunately without any memory of her previous life. He killed the tribe of the Azel and erased Hilda039s memories so that he could win her love. He has buried the holy sword of the Azel inside her body so that she would be the only person in the world who could slay him. He is fighting against Roderick because both men love Hilda and because Rod is the last of the Azel and destined to wield the holy sword and bring Laures down. He is not killing people out of pleasure but he039s willing to do everything absolutely everything to reach his goal or to protect Hilda even if it means mass murdering. On the other hand he would also sacrifice his own life for hers.