Shu is plucky daring and doesnt think before he acts. He usually will run right into a problem on his own without thinking or talking to anyone about it. He has a special relationship with Kluke that he isnt willing to admit out loud. Shu has the blue dragon shadow whom Jiro and Zola were looking for at the beginning because of its unspeakable power. Near the beginning he doesnt seem very bright but as the story moves on many can see how strong his willpower is. Shu is practically obsessed with knight masters and thats what led him to find Jiro and Zola whom he thought was a true knight master. Along his journey with Kluke Jiro and Zola by his side he has met the perverted yet allforjustice Marumaro with the Saber Tooth Tiger shadow and Bouquet with the unabletofight Hippopotamos shadow his bridetobe.