Kluke seems like a very mature girl at her young age but behind that beauty lies a dark side that is expressed whenever she hits Shu over the head with a frying pan. She gets angry pretty easily but cares very deeply for her friends whom she is scared to see get injured or die in their battle with the Grand Kingdom. She has come along on the journey with Shu so that she can stay by his side as she promised. Plus she likes to cook and thinks she can but not able to according to Shu and has a lot of medical knowledge passed down to her from her deceased parents. She loves robots and is good at repairing. She could make a good mechanic one day. She gets along with nearly everyone but the only person she seems not to get along with is Bouquet because she seems to get too jealous very easily of her relationship with Shu. Her relationship with Bouquet is similar to the rivalry Shu has with Jiro to be the topdog.