ばんぺいくんRX, Banpei-kun RX
A humanoid robot that was designed and built by Skuld. Banpeikuns primary function is to guard the temple originally from Marller however this has expanded to include any threat the demons send and even to protecting Belldandy from Keiichi Morisato. Banpei has gradually gained many new abilities as Skuld continues to create new addons or new functionality for him. Originally he required a direct power connection via an external cable but was later given a battery. This allows him to travel anywhere for extended periods of time however when the battery runs low Banpei has to shut down and enter memory preservation mode. Banpeis program continues to evolve on its own: Banpei gained sentience an appreciation for life and after meeting Sigel the ability to love. Even though Sigel is not interested in Banpei he is not disheartened and spends a great deal of time and energy trying to get her to appreciate him he will also not hesitate to risk serious damage to himself if only to help her. His emotional circuit will work at varying degrees from being completely shut off to being almost alive in recent times it has gained stability ensuring that he remains alive at all times. Unable to express emotion Banpei will at times use a permanent marker to draw what he is feeling on his face: a tear for sadness a furrowed brow and clenched teeth for anger. source: wikipedia