Maria Kawai

The protagonist of the story Maria has a cold personality which estranges herself from her classmates. She says what she wants albeit too bluntly and harsh even when she intends to help others. Her arrogant facade and point blank statements are the reasons she is hated by most people and it seems she too is indifferent towards them. Emphasized throughout the manga Maria also is shown to have the ability to see the true natures of people around her ormdashmore simplymdashtheir flaws. Although she maintains this air of superiority she actually yearns for acceptance and friendship. Even when knowing the unpleasant outcomes she often steps into troublesome situations just to prove herself to others. Everyone thinks that she is a devil but they don039t know that they039re the devils. She gives special regard to Kanda Yuusuke but exhibits much stronger feelings for Meguro Shin stating that she feels Shin is much closer to her than God and she is much more afraid of being hated by him. Later she realizes she is in love with him. She likes nursery rhymes and hymns like quotAmazing Grace.quot She apparently got expelled because of quotpunching the teacher/nunquot but it has not been explained in detail though it was revealed that the cross she always wears is from that teacher/nun. She has a habit of pushing out her lips and having her eyes half open when someone says something that annoys her. It is shown that she starts to like Meguro. Wikipedia