Toneriko Furoribanda

フロリバンダ系 トネリコ, Riko
The main protagonist. Toneriko is the Number 5 ranked hitman of Thanatos. In Chapter 1 it was shown that his family was killed by Tekirai ten years ago when he was just a child and for that reason he joined the guild. He has two weapons which are pistols called Evergreen. His aim is to defeat the man who killed his parents No. 1 Tekirai and to protect the gardener Mizuto. His relationship with Tekirai remains unstable as he often vows to kill the man but has often been founded slightly attracted to him as well. This is made clear when Ageha comments that Toneriko became excited when Tekirai appears also when he further clarifies that Tonerikos heart as been stolen by Tekirai and despite all efforts Toneriko was not going to get it back. Source: Wikipedia