Yukihito Yashiro

社 倖一
He is Ren039s persistant manager. When first seen he is serious and all about work later on we see that he is attactually not that serious and is used for comic relef. At first when he met Kyko he didn039t seem to like her much. However as he begins to see Ren039s love for her Yashiro shows his support. He even goes to the extent as to try to get Ren and Kyko alone together so Ren can make a move. He must use latex gloves when handling any electronics including his own cell phone because any electronic device that he touches directly will soon be rendered broken and useless. In particular he has mentioned that a cell phone will die after about 10 seconds of direct exposure to his skin. On at least one occassion Yashiro attempted to coerce Ren into telling him a secret of sorts by holding Ren039s own cell phone which contains many online dictionaries that Ren uses to understand some less familiar words in scripts in his bare hand. Kyoko has theorized that Yashiro naturally transmits strong electric waves. He seems to be an extremely dedicated manager as he has much if not all of Ren039s schedule planned out about one year in advance. Kyoko learns this when she briefly took over for him as Ren039s manager when he was too ill to work. In an extra strip in volume 11 it is revealed that the main reason Ren has never been late to a job despite the crowds of fans that appear nearly everywhere he goes and clearly wish to mob him is that Yashiro can be pretty dang scary when it comes to his charge and can stop even the most fervid fans in their tracks with a mere cold glance.