Saori Otokawa

音川 沙織
A classmate of Takuro039s she039s the first person he meets when arriving at his new home. In the original game she is just an ordinary student living in the same dormitory as Takuro though she performs all of the household chores willingly. The anime series makes her the caretaker of the facility as well. Another change between game and anime series is the afterschool club she039s a member of. In the game she is in a Biblical Studies group whereas in the anime series she is a member of the Paranormal Research Club. She is a kind person by nature but has a strong will when required. She also has feelings towards Takuro but has a hard time expressing them. Unlike most of the women that Takuro has met she is not out to exploit him. Her closeness to Takuro makes her a target in Leona Morimoto039s schemes.