Elmer C. Albatross

エルマー・C・アルバトロス, Smile Junkie
One of the Advena Avis immortals. Elmer was born into a religious cult where the sole purpose of his existence was to be an object of abuse. He later moved to Lotto Valentino where he went to the same alchemy school as Huey and Monica. Elmer wants everyone in the world to be happy and have a smile on their face. He does not care what means he needs to use in order to achieve this and is consequently described by Huey as pure evil to an absurd degree. Regardless Huey considers him his only friend in the world and is the only person he does not see as a test subject. When Maiza and Czes begin looking for the rest of the Advena Avis immortals they find him in a secluded European village. He later joins them on board the Exit after receiving an invitation claiming to be from Huey.