ミメット, Mimet, Mimi Hanyu
Mimete is the second of the Witches 5. She first attacks the Sailor Senshi in episode 112. She is named after the mineral mimetite. In the anime after Eudials death Mimete is assigned to collect pure hearts. Mimete is a bit of a ditz and usually goes after attractive celebrities flirting with them rather than doing her job. Out of all the Witches 5 she is the least organized and the most easily distracted. Mimetes Daimons were known for literally sucking the Pure Heart Crystals of their victims out through their mouths. These monsters required the power of the Holy Grail to be defeated. Her attack is called quotCharm Busterquot Stage Frightquot in the English dub. After several failed attempts at collecting hearts she tries to use one of Eudials abandoned inventions Witches Electric Warp to increase her size and power. Just as she is about to attack using her newly buffed powers Tellu pulls the plug on the machine leaving Mimete forever trapped inside it effectively killing her. In the manga she goes by the alias Mimi Hanyu and leads the Acting Class in the Talent Division of Infinity Academy. She is the lowest ranked at Level 40 and her death attack is quotCharm Busterquot as in the anime. She poses as a pop idol holding a concert for Infinity Academy students with the intention of stealing their Hostes. Sailor Venus who disguises herself as an Infinity Academy student appears to stop her. When the other Senshi arrive Mimete calls on Kaolinites help to awaken the Daimon eggs implanted in the students but to no avail. She is killed by Sailor Uranus.