テルル, Telulu, Lulu Teruno
Tellu Telulu in the English dub is the third member of the Witches 5 named for the mineral tellurite. In the anime Tellu is assigned the task of gathering pure hearts. She approaches this by opening a flower shop and giving away beautiful plants Telluns which will later wrestle the pure hearts out of their owners. Tellu may then collect these in a magical container. Sailor Moon Chibi Moon Pluto and Tuxedo Mask eventually confront her and she unleashes her most destructive plant HyperTellun. In the manga Tellu appears as the fourth witch instead of the third. She goes by the alias Lulu Teruno and is in charge of the Garden in the Physical Division of Infinity Academy as well as the botanical gardens. She is ranked at Level 404 and her death attack is quotMandragora Buster.quot Just as in the anime she uses a number of artificial plants to steal Hostes but is foiled by the Sailor Senshi.