ビリユイ, Byruit, Yui Bidoh
Viluy Byruit in the dub is the 4th member of the Witches 5 named for the mineral viluite. In the anime Viluy was handed the task of gathering pure hearts after Tellus demise. To achieve this goal she programmed all the computers at the Infinity Academy to extract the pure heart crystal of their users during a national practice exam. Additionally she possessed the quotMosaic Busterquot attack quotMosaic Energy Blasterquot in the English Dub which released a flurry of nanorobots from her wristband. She had great success at first and nearly defeated Sailor Uranus Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mercury against whom she had a personal grudge when her wristband suddenly malfunctioned as a result of damage inflicted by Sailor Moon attacking it. The nanomachines dissolved their own master effectively killing her leaving behind only her bracelet. In the manga Viluy was the third witch to appear before Tellu. She was ranked at Level 202 and led the Science Division of Infinity Academy under the alias of Yui Bidoh. Her story in the manga is essentially the same as in the anime except that she meets her doom by being cut in half by Sailor Uranuss Space Sword.