Ragnaroumlk is Chrona039s Demon Sword partner. Ragnaroumlk is the first inhuman weapon introduced in Soul Eater. It loves to degrade and pester Chrona even during fights by giving him noogies pinching his nose hitting him on the head or taking his food. When Chrona finally tells Ragnaroumlk to stop Ragnarok seems surprised at his reaction. Ragnaroumlk has taken to absorbing any soul evil or not. By taken innocent souls Ragnaroumlk soul wavelength has grown out of control and vastly overpowers Chrona039s own wavelength which will lead to Ragnaroumlk soul eating Chrona039s soul in the end. Later on Ragnaroumlk can change its appearance to that of a dragon to give Chrona wings to fly vastly increasing Chrona039s combat capablilties. It can also grow a mouth on its sword form that draws souls to it by using a high pitched scream. Then Ragnaroumlk absorbs the souls using the mouth like a vacuum. Also while screaming in its sword form Ragnaroumlk acts like an electric saw due to the vibrations caused by its screaming. Ragnaroumlk can control Chrona039s black blood due to consuming innocent souls when it leave Chrona039s body. It can use the blood spilled from Chrona039s body to make spikes to attack anyone or can cause the blood to stop and act like a bandage for Chrona so it does not pass out from blood loss. When not in use Ragnaroumlk resides in Chrona039s body further tainting his blood and also allowing him to control Chrona039s blood Ragnaroumlk commented that Maka039s soul looked delicious. Whether Ragnaroumlk can actually see souls has yet to been seen. He does worry about Chrona039s health and will try to help Chrona by stopping his bleeding wounds. However Ragnaroumlk will always ask for thanks afterwards. After the fight with Maka Ragnarok had all his souls confiscated which resulted in him shrinking greatly in size he now resembles a chibi form of himself he is also slightly perverted since when Chrona finally stood up to him he acted like an understanding guy while at the same time pulling up Chrona039s dress also he lifted Maka039s skirt and commented on her dull choice of panties. Even with less power he still wants to eat any soul he sees he also tends to us Chrona as a human shield against nondeadly attacks like the Maka Chop. Attacks: His attacks mostly concentrate using Chrona039s blood and causing mass destruction. Blood Spike: Changes the drops of Chrona039s blood into spikes to attack from multiple angles. Screech Resonance: Ragnaroumlk039s equivalent of Soul Resonance. Jet Black Sword: a more powerful form of Ragnaroumlk039s sword form. Source: SoulEaterFan