Flower: Tartarian Aster Grows well in poor soil Shion was a war orphan born on the moon of Tess who was rescued and sent to Shia from the middle of the conflict on Tess for control of the Homeworld. Shion possessed strong psychic powers and controlled them with ease. He also had a firstrate mind and became a renowned engineer. Shion had serious emotional problems. As an orphan he did not have a family until he was taken in by a foster father around age six. He was slowly but surely starting to trust and love his foster father when a terrible accident occurred and his foster father died. He never truly trusted any of his friends not even his childhood friend Gyokuran whom Shion ended up hating because of Gyokurans moral upstandingness and that he was everything that Shion could never be. Shion was the only male member of the team who did not fawn over Mokuren. In fact he completely despised her. Shion was the last of the moon team to die. He had been inoculated against the virus that was killing them so lived alone for nine years after Mokuren died. He was unable to commit suicide because Mokuren warned him that people who commit suicide will not be reincarnated. After Mokurens death Shion went insane. The cold ruthless side that Rin sometimes displays is Shions and his plan is to make Shukaido suffer. In the sequel Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari: Source: Wikipedia