Maria Graceburt

マリア・グレイスバート, Jasper of Eternity
An inactive Meister Otome serving as part of Garderobe039s upper administration. She is from Old Lutecia and her Meister GEM is the Jasper of Eternity Kuon no Hekigyoku. Strict and oftenunsmiling Miss Maria is feared by the students even Nao and Natsuki clearly respects her. She is very aware of the tragic consequences of being an Otome having lived through the Dragon King War 50 years ago as the then Pearl No. 1039s attendant. As a member of Garderobe staff she does not require an explicit certification to unlock her Otome powers but their availability depends on the status of the Fumi System. Her Element is a rapier. She materializes briefly in episode 26 and again in MaiOtome Zwei and surprisingly she gets significantly younger while in her Robe. She is also amazingly fast and chastises Natsuki a bit for her lack of elegance while fighting. From Wikipedia