King of the Rei opposite of the Shin. Akiras quotquot King form. His black hair grows longer and his attire changes into a long white coat with straps around his wrist and two belts around his waist. His weapon also changes to a white/silver scythe with a long lavender reddish/pinkish cloth hanging off. He was murdered by Homurabi before Akira was even born. Although he has yet to awaken in the present time and his memories continue to remain sealed within Akira he has awoken once before during the time Akira and Kengo first met Kou. Because Ryuko had not fully regained his strength he was unable to remain in his Rei form for long although he defeated Kengo with relative ease. Before he reverted he told Kou that he never thought of Kou as a betrayer from the beginning and told him to quotrepentquot by protecting Akira if he still felt guilty about abandoning him.