γ / ガンマ, Lightning Gamma
Title: Former Millefiore Third Squad Captain Status: Alive Dead Future self Family: Millefiore Giglio Nero Team: Fake Funeral Wreaths Millefiore Black Spell 3rd Squad Partner: Nosaru Tazaru Flame: Lightning Rings: Lightning Fake Mare Ring Box Weapon: Billiards Balls Flame Storage Box Animal: Electro Volpi Nero Volpi Anime Debut: Episode 78 Manga Debut: Chapter Ambitions: Restore Giglio Nero 146 Gamma is an A ranked member of the Millefiore Family who leads the 3rd attack squad of Blackspell and specializes in electrical attacks. He appears to be a merciless guy drinking during his first appearance and also acts arrogant toward Shoichi. He seems to be waiting for Shoichi039s 039special039 project to be done before he and the Black Spell act. Lal Mirch reveals that he is responsible for wiping out many of the allies of the Vongola Family.