Yuji Takehisa

The strongest delinquent of Hekikuu high previously expelled for beating up one of the teachers: after being defeated by Kitano he proclaims himself his little brother. He sports spiked bleached hair and has no eyebrows. After claiming loyalty to Kitano he becomes less delinquentlike. He doesnt get into a lot of fights anymore although he doesnt lose any of his fighting skill nor does he skip classes staying calm most of the time. His old hotblooded self comes to the surface when someone tries to harm Kitano or himself. At the end of the series when confronted with the fact of Kitano being normal Takehisas old comrades had come and asked him to join up in order to beat up Kitano he proclaimed that whether or not Kitano is a delinquent he is still Takehisas best friend. He then proceeded to beat up his old comrades with a smile on his face. From Wikipedia