Shuraiya Bascud

Shuraiya Bascugraved is a character from the fourth One Piece movie a bounty hunter whos after Gasparde to avenge the deaths of his parents and sister. He displays his abilities in the underground pirate lounge which catches the interest of Gasparde who allows Shuraiya to join his crew. Later during the race he challenges Gasparde only to have to fight Needles. After a long fight Shuraiya defeats Needles by trapping him with his own claws. However hes no match for Gasparde and has to be knocked out by Luffy to keep from getting killed during the climax. He is later saved from Gaspardes sinking ship along with Luffy and finds that his sister Adelle Bascugraved is still alive who was with a boiler man the whole time. The two reunite and he vows to start a new life for them both. Shuraiya is an agile fighter who has no real weapon prowess but is capable of thinking quickly and using the surroundings to his advantage. Source: One Piece wikia