Georgette Lemare


Birth date: November 16, 1927
Height: 156 cm
Rank: Pilot Officer
Striker: VG.33, VG.39
Weapons: FM mle 1924/29, Bren Mk III
Familiar: Persian cat

A witch of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, originating in Gallia, who is the wing's specialist in healing magic and defensive fighting. Lemare was one of many new recruits who joined the Gallian Air Force during the Neuroi's invasion of Gallia, and she quickly gained experience while participating in the evacuation of her country to Britannia and overseas. Her skill at defensive maneuvers and fighting spirit caught the attention of other witches, including Aleksandra Poryshkin, the second-in-command of the 502nd.

Despite her toughness in combat, Lemare is very gentle at heart. She is very level-headed and circumspect compared to the other witches of the 502nd, and also unlike them she enjoys her chores. Her healing magic uses considerable energy, so she has a voracious appetite but remains quite thin.

Her fighter pilot archetype is Georges Lemare.