Nagisa Shingetsu

新月渚, Li'l Ultimate Social Studies, 超小学生級の社会の時間, The Sage
Birthday:Oct 23
Blood Type:AB
Height: 137cm / 46 Weight: 33kg / 72.6lbs Chest: 58cm / 23 The vice leader of the Warriors of Hope and the head of the Sage class. His title when he attended Hopes Peak Elementary was Lil Ultimate Social Studies lit. Super Elementary School Level Social Studies Period. Nagisa is the most serious member of the Warriors. He is calm intelligent and educated yet also the most childlike. He has an aversion to things he considers childish and though he refers to himself as a child doesnt like to be underestimated on the basis of age. Nagisa is incredibly loyal humble compassionate and protective over his friends and fellow children truly caring about them even though they often annoy him a lot. He is willing to go to any lengths to ensure that they dont have to live in fear any longer. Source: Danganronpa Wikia