Kotoko Utsugi

空木言子, Li'l Ultimate Drama, 超小学生級の学芸会の時間, The Fighter
Date of Birth: June 13 Gemini Height: 134cm / 45 Weight: 29kg / 64lbs Chest: 67cm / 26 Blood type: A One of the five members of the Warriors of Hope and the head of the Fighter class. Her title when she attended Hopes Peak Elementary was Lil Ultimate Drama lit. Super Elementary School Level Arts Festival Period. Kotoko is a hotheaded girl who loves adorbs things she collects them and seems even slightly obsessed with the concept. She acts cheerful polite and happy however she is also mentioned to have a bullying nature and she can be very mean and cruel. Shes one of the more intelligent members of the group and has a strict demanding personality with a habit of curtsying and being rather dramatic calling to her past as an actress. Kotoko seemingly loved her stage life but she doesnt like to talk about it and considers it far behind her. Its heavily implied that most of her behavior is an act and her cutesy personality is a front created as a coping mechanism. Her Past and Trauma: During the Tragedy: Source: Danganronpa Wiki edited