Takemaru Hidaka

飛鷹 猛丸
A powerful Class 1 psychic whos power is Psychokinesis being able to move objects and even people with his mind. His power is more advanced then most others with this power being able to lift cars and bring down walls easily and use pencils as powerful bullets. He was dipicted as vile wicked and truely evil liking the power to harm others. He was sent out by the greenhouse members to eliminate Kakeru and his group. After a fight with Kakeru where he admitted defeat since he could not lay an attack on Kakeru he left the green house and became an alli to Kakeru and his group helping protect them though he disappears often. It was revealed that in his childhood he was bullied for having a tough name but not being tough. It came to the point of the bullies burning Takemaru039s right eye causing Takemaru to activate his powers and eliminate the bullies and other members of his class. Soon after he was found by the greenhouse and was given drugs bringing him up to a class 1 cultivated type. On the manga cover of volume 4 he was coloured with greenblonde hair and dark blue eyes. He is almost always wearing his eyepatch and likes to dress in sleeveless shirts and pants.