She is the Queen of the Karura clan and the Southern Bushinshou. She has a little sister Karyobinga whom she cares about very much and does not want her in danger. That was the only reason she stayed loyal to Taishakuten she wanted to protect Karyobinga. But after Taishakuten killed Karyobinga and fed the body to his pet beasts it drove Karuraou mad. She attacked Taishakuten but the Southern General Zouchouten blocked the attack for Taishakuten and asked him to not kill Karuraou but instead just remove her title. Taishakuten agreed to it but the fact remains that Karuraou had gone against him so the people of the Karura clan could still be killed. To ensure the safety of her clan Karuraou faked her death pretending to have committed suicide. Since the Queen was quotdeadquot the clan could not be punished anymore. She secretly joins up with Yasha Ashura and the rest of the group. Everyone of the Karura clan has a bird who is linked to them kind of like a Familiar. Karuraou039s bird is Garuda which is also her weapon. She can use her own energy as attacks as well as summoning Garuda to attack the enemy. Source: Source: Nishis RG Veda Gallery RG Veda Wikia