Tadaomi Shirotani


Age: 31
Occupation: Secretary

Shirotani works in the Tosawa Corporation. He suffers from mysophobia since he was a child. He has short strawberry blonde hair. His eyes are in a light shade of brown and he has a mole under his right eye. Outside he wears a suit with gloves, many times covered with long beige jacket

He is seen as rude, inconsiderate or even arrogant person, but he really has a low self-esteem and deeply cares about others. He tries to stay away from people because he doesn't want to hurt anybody with his mysophobia; which is why he blamed himself so much when his boss got hurt in an accident. This traumatic experience and Kurose Riku's help made Shirotani work on his mysophobia. He's currently trying exposure therapy with Kurose's help, who is also a counsellor in a clinic called Shimada Psychosomatics.