Georgie Saikawa

才川ジョージー, Nae
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green Relatives: Riko Saikawa younger sister unnamed parents Georgie Saikawa is the older sister of Riko Saikawa. She likes to pretend to be a housemaid. Georgie wears an orange polkadot maid outfit with a white apron. She also has a white cap and has her red hair in twinpigtails. Her stockings are black striped. Georgie is a sweet and gentle lady. She always supports Riko and her family. She seems to know a lot about maids and has a huge passion for them. She mentions that shes wanted to be one since she was a kid when she read a book about maids but no one accepted her job offers so decided to be one for her family. Georgie and Kobayashi automatically have a close bond as they both share an interest in maids. Tohru isnt fond of her and shows jealousy as she sees her as a rival through impersonating as a maid to win over Kobayashi. Source: Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid Wiki edited