Saati Namba

ナンバー サーティ, #30, A.I. Program Thirty
Birthday:Apr 6
Saati was an artificial intelligence program designed for talking to girls and is the thirtieth A.I. program Hitoshi created and the first program that Hitoshi really liked. Through a freak lightning accident she is transferred to the real world and becomes Hitoshis livein girlfriend. In the real world she takes the family name quotNambaquot quotNambaquot? which is properly pronounced nanpa quotwhirlpoolquot. She is A kind girl with thick eyebrows a trait Akamatsu admitted to liking on women citing Sae Isshiki as an example and a bit naive which does lead to frequent problems with Hitoshi. The most notable of her is that when she cooks meals she has the tendency to make them look exactly like the picture regardless of the taste having no taste buds. She uses anything from paint to coloured markers until she receives a program upgrade that allows her to taste. Hitoshi based her appearance on his mother. Source: Wikipedia